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There is no greater inspiration, than when someone you respect believes in you enough to help you along.





As a young man growing up in California, I became accustomed to bringing home report cards incorporating some variation of the word "daydreamer". Now, after eighteen years as an educator, I have been able to put the daydreamer in me to good use with the discovery of the passion for writing fiction. I find joy in being able to pull others into my imagination, as well as to help spark emotion, curiosity, and discovery through writing.


For the last thirteen years, my wife and I have lived with our two children outside of Central California, but I continue to draw inspiration from its many breathtaking and remarkable places that remain close to my heart. It is from my life experiences, the special places in memory, and those who have helped shape my character that I write.


I truly hope that the fulfillment I found in writing these words will be passed on to you in reading them.




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